Those who think that Casablanca does not offer much to discover, may be surprised. Although Casablanca is a recent metropolis, it is full of real architectural surprises to enjoy without moderation.
Visit the majestic Hassan II mosque, the second largest mosque in the world!
Visit the Corniche, which was built in the 20s. It houses beaches, swimming pools, coffee and other places of entertainment very frequented by the casablancais on weekends.
Visit the United Nations Square, Like many of Moroccan cities, Casablanca consists of a medina and a new city. Between these last two, the Place of the United Nations made the connection, as a bridge between the past and the present. Recognizable thanks to its dome nicknamed “Kora Ardia”, it is the meeting point of major arteries.
Visit of the medina on foot: the central market and the old town have kept all their authenticity.
Visit the District of habous: the District of Habous developed during the French protectorate, mainly from the 1920s to the 1930s to accommodate several families of traders from various parts of Morocco. This migratory movement is caused by the policy of Marshal Lyautey who wishes to separate areas of residences of the Europeans and those of the Marocains.
The “Habous” name refers to the traditional religious Assembly, which organizes the allocation of housing within the medina.
The District of Habous is a unique example of reconstruction of a medina where, while respecting the style and traditional habits, the french architects, have complied with the rules of modern urbanism.
This area is home to many artisans today and especially booksellers…
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